Painting with time and space

Themes from the exhibition


Painting with time and space


Between Myth and Reality:
Arts and Culture from the
Land of the Rising Sun


“NIPPON. Between Myth and Reality: Art and Culture from Japan”.

From October 23rd, 2010, four exhibitions and numerous events will represent the stages of a journey – involving the most prestigious venues of Lugano – through the culture of Japan: from the ancient traditions to contemporary artistic expressions.
Various multimedia productions have been created to promote the value and content of NIPPON. For each exhibition an introduction to the exhibition itself and to its major highlights has been created. A special interface “Nippon at a glance”, has been created to provide direct access for all the multimedia resources.

All the multimedia contents can be downloaded or accessed via web, from your PC or your iphone, ipad, or any web-enhanced device.

The multimedia production has been created by TEC-LAB (Technology Enhanced Communication LABoratory – Faculty of Communication Science, University of Italian Switzerland, USI.
The underlying technology is 1001story developed by HOC-LAB (Politecnico di Milano,

The multimedia content is based on interviews to Paolo Campione (Director of the Museo delle Culture and curator), Bettina Della Casa (co-curator, Museo Cantonale), Marco Franciolli (Director of the Museo Cantonale d’Arte), Ghunter Giovannoni (co-curator, Museo delle Culture), Fuyumi Namyoka (independent curator).

We thank all the “Dicasteri “of the city of Lugan , Museo Cantonale d’Arte and all who have participated to the creation of NIPPON.

Staff USI:
General coordination: Paolo Paolini
Production manager: Michela Negrini
Editorial staff: Nicoletta Di Blas, Michela Negrini, Paolo Paolini
Graphic design: Silvia Fiamberti
Implementation: Matteo Agosti, Alberto Terragni, Stefano Vaghi; Tania Severini, Armando Varriale (Politecnico di Milano)

For the city of Lugano please contact:
Tel. +41 58 866 72 19
Fax: +41 58 866 74 97

Technology Enhanced Communication Laboratory -
TEC-LAB is a research laboratory, of the Faculty of Communication Science of the University of Italian Switzerland (USI). The mission of TEC-LAB is interdisciplinary research about the use of technology for enhancing communication.
TEC-LAB is also managing TEC_CH (Technology Enhanced Communication for Cultural Heritage -, an international Master Program with students and teachers from all over the world.